About Fiona

Fiona Macvicar has been a professional illustrator for over 20 years and has produced a wealth of work for clients such as Radio Times, The New Statesman, The Economist, The Guardian, Punch, The Listener, Cosmopolitan, Penguin, Heinemann, Pan Books, Futura Books, Virago, Oxford University Press, British Telecom, Barclays

...to name but a few.

She has exhibited and sold at various venues including Habitat Ltd. and she has received several awards, one of which was from the V&A National Art Library Illustration Awards.

A little bit more about Fiona…

I can't remember not DRAWING.

In sand, in snow, in mud, on walls and finally… on paper!

Drawing has been integral to my life. It brought my parents together. (He asked her for a penny to buy paper at a drawing class)

It brought me and my husband together. (He saw my drawings on the wall on the first day of art school and promised himself to meet this 'bloke'!)

I live in South London with my husband, three sons (and my most recent muse, a small white smiling 'wolf')

Now, I find not drawing quite uncomfortable. If I haven't made a mark in a few days, it's like an itch that needs scratching. 

It has become like a meditation for me. Before I ever knew what 'Mindfulness' was, I realise now that I was actually doing it all along!

So I continue on my quest. When one drawing is finished, I'm on to the next, reaching for one picture intangibly better than the last.

I can't stop DRAWING.


I studied art at Central Saint Martins and Liverpool where I produced copious mountains of drawings to make animated films.

The sheer labour of work and repetition of marks added an extra fluidity of line and movement to my drawing that has stayed with me throughout my career.

I graduated with a 1st Class Honours Degree and completed a Post Graduate Certificate of Education.

Whilst teaching art I started to illustrate, winning and finalising in several prestigious illustration competitions. This drew me attention within the industry

and when my long-standing agent, Tim Woolgar, found me, my career rocketed!

My Influences

Juan Gris (1887-1927)

Ferdinand Leger (1881-1955)

Wyndham Lewis (1882-1957)

William Roberts (1895-1980)

Lumo Collingwood (my current muse)

Lumo Collingwood (my current muse)


Ginger Gibbons, Film Producer

"What wonderful work. I don't really know why but your illustrations put me in mind of people like Stanley Spencer, Edward Burra and Paul Nash. I wish you every success and would love to work with you some time."

Roger Woddis, Poet -  Radio Times

"Thanks for your fine illustration...I hope you're commissioned when I write my next sonnet. Good Luck!"

The Economist

"This is just to say that your illustration added a distinctive flavour  to an otherwise sad event (Hillsborough anniversary). The work was greatly admired in the Friday editorial meeting. Thanks for a work well done"


"Great feat (feet!) Nice cover!"

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